Keeping with TSC’s philosophy of service to our communities, we are continuing to partner with the community for local store events. On this site, you can register to participate in TSC events throughout the year. Currently, our 2018 events include:

  • 4-H Fundraising (Year Round)
  • FFA Fundraising (Year Round)
  • National Adoption Event 2/17/18
  • Spring Farmers Market
  • Salute Our Troops
  • Fall Farmers Market

Select an event and use the associated form to partner to participate in the event. Immediately upon completing your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the store manager. Within a few days, the store manager or the event captain will contact you to work out details. Store locations may vary in space, restrictions, and the ability to host multiple community groups. Therefore you must confirm details and scheduling with the store manager or event captain.

Participation in any of the TSC community events provides visibility, brand awareness, and fundraising opportunities to your organization.